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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Building Nostalgia Kids - bringing the past into the present

Nostalgia Kids originally began as nostalgia90kids, a site that focussed on 90s kids TV shows and movies. And before that it was simply a list created between friends. As the list grew, the idea of a website came about. Over time a community was formed around adding to the list and discussing them in a forum. Users could earn points and badges by adding to the growing database. We received signups from countries around the world, but the top ones have remained the UK, USA and Australia.

New features were added over the weeks and months, like comments, browsing by country of origin, channel and airdate. One of the most interesting was the Remember List, a type of bookmark. Users could add a show or movie to their Remember List and publicly display that they remember it. It then enabled everyone to see what the "Most Remembered" shows and movies were. The results were sometimes surprising and it still exists on the site today!

This data became useful for making recommendations, because once people started sharing what they liked, we could surface even more nostalgia for them.

The top 10 Remembered Shows

Our design changed several times, here is a little taster of how things used to look!

A show with Remembers, comments,
similar shows and actors

We have recently reworked our homepage. It now dynamically displays playlists from our database to help our users discover more shows and movies in groups.

The new homepage in 2018

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